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 Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!

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PostSubject: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:57 am

Spent the weekend in Bungendore with Pete and Mark (beetle) after riding down from Sydney.
Mark asked if he could use my bike to help him develop a map for the Mistral Low pipe like that fitted to mine.
I was happy to help and the plus side for me would obviously be that I would be the first to benefit from this map.
Let’s face it should only take a couple of hours, Yikes!! was I wrong.
Well a day and a half later including an overnight stop at the pub in Bungendore we had gathered enough data, so that Mark could go home and spend even more time on his computer tweaking and adjusting to come up with what may be the final result.

For all of the Boofheads who think this process is a simple 30 minute job, think again.

Along with Mark I arrived at Pete’s house at 9.30 am on Saturday.
The 3 of us went over to Pete’s workshop and around 10am Mark started the process to add his logging gear to my bike. Once this was completed I was given instruction on what was required in regard to running the bike through a series of logging runs. With his words resonating in my head I headed off for what was the first of 7 tests (5 on Sat and 2 Sun) which ranged in duration from around 20 mins to half an hour.

In between each of these tests Mark downloaded the recorded data so that he could analyse the inputs and initiate the changes to the base map, to develop the ideal settings.
This process was repeated each time I returned from a run. The time spent on the computer manipulating the data ranged from an hour to around 25 mins.
Late on Saturday afternoon it was evident that further runs would be required to achieve the desired result. As it was getting late and there was potential for wildlife to interfere with what at times were high speed tests, we decided to knock of for the day.
Mark and I abandoned our plans for our separate 3 &1/2 hour rides home and choose to stay the night, so we could resume the tests in the morning.
On Sunday morning we spent and additional 3+ hours before winding up the information gathering. The map isn’t finalised as Mark will take the final data home to spend even more time analysing the information before coming up with what will be the completed Map.
I rode the 3 and 1/2 hours home with version 7 of the unfinished map in my bike.
Now before we started all of this I was running the Mistral high pipe no dbk map in my bike. This worked well with the dbk in or out with the relevant adjustment to the CO trim.
All I can say is that even if the map stays as it is, it is noticeable improvement with greater flexibility with no loss of economy. I now have a genuine 300km range motorcycle.

I am looking forward to the finished product and if it provides further refinements I will be very pleased.

Now for the real point of this written saga, the time and cost involved in creating a new map.
Now I am advised the time and resources involved vary depending on the individual circumstances but this experience is a fair indicator of what is involved.

In this instance the testing period required 2 tank fills, the engine is worked pretty hard during the logging process and you need to find suitable roads that are safe and where the local constabulary don’t patrol, so that you don’t end up in Gaol.
Mark would normally do this himself and has done so on possibly hundreds of occasions. Add up the fuel cost alone and we are talking a lot of money out of his own pocket. Yes he has had the benefit of some of his maps for his own bike but only a few of the many he has developed. For those who say he is getting the benefit of more riding time, let me assure you this process isn’t a lot of fun and becomes quite tedious after multiple runs.

Next, factor in the time over the day and half we were occupied, in this instance we spent at least 10 – 11 hours of unpaid recreational time doing this work. Mark still has to spend more time refining the final product and even if is only another 1 or 2 hours we are looking a nearly 2 full working days.
Now I don’t know what Mark earns per hour in his normal job but I could have a guess and when I add up the total cost we are talking significant money being expended for no real personal financial benefit.

Finally add in the cost of the equipment he has purchased to carry out the testing and we are again talking about a significant financial investment.

The purpose of this whole post is to point out that this is quite a complex process which I found extremely interesting if a bit tedious.
I’m sure when Mark started his experimentation with developing maps for our bikes he didn’t anticipate it would take up as much of his personal time, as it has.

Whilst he hasn’t personally canvassed for any donations or requested money from anyone it would be nice to think that some of the beneficiaries of his generosity could kick in a few bucks to at least defray the cost of the fuel he has consumed, so that he is not personally out of pocket.  

If nothing else comes from this post hopefully people will at least gain some insight in to the complexity of the process and an understanding of the generosity of the man.

Mark thanks for the opportunity to be involved and yes I am very happy with the result so far.

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:34 am

mark111, thanks so much for this post and well said, I would like to thank beetle and roper as well for all there great information, time and efforts that land here at the Ghetto about the bike that WE ALL LOVE  

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Canyon Carver

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 10:16 am

Well said! May I suggest you publish your Paypal account number along with a suggested donation amount for any members to contribute! You'll be surprised how many would kick in, even those who don't use the info! Make up a Guzzidiag logo sticker to send to those who contribute. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:05 pm

My only suggestion for a donation amount would be the price of a tank of fuel. That will vary depending where you live but it is at least an amount you can relate to.
Mark hasn't sought any payment, but if we can cover his fuel costs which would be substantial, this wold at least mean his financial outlay would be reduced.
I don't know if he has a PayPal account but I can prod him with a stick to see if he can let us know.
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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 2:49 pm

No, no, no!

Yes, I have a PayPal account. No, I don't want people to start pouring money into it. If you have one of my maps and you have sent money, thank you, I appreciate it. If you are one of those twerps in Europe who have got a few free maps and are now selling them for profit, fuck you.

If you are one of those who keeps sending money even after I've said 'stop', a very special thank you. You know who you are.

Yes, if you are the one riding the bike, it's fun the first or second time, but it gets a bit boring after you do it several dozen times, which I have had to do for some maps. It's even more boring for the person riding after I go into full nerd mode with the computer. It is fun for me. cheers

If you have bought a logging kit and are sending me the data to tweak a map, you don't owe me anything. In fact, the guys who get the map from that enterprise should send money to the guy doing the riding.  In the case of the Zards, that's tocino and svru. When we build the Agostini map, that will be Pete. For the low Mistral, markIII should get some. I got a free weekend in Bungendore. I didn't have to pay for food or drink and I didn't have to stay at the Budget Motel. Shocked
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Pete Roper

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 4:07 pm

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

And believe me, it's much, much worse than those reviews which are almost flattering! Shocked

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!   Sun Feb 22, 2015 5:57 pm

Stop scarring people.
Let me assure you all, there are decent places to stay in Bungendore just avoid the above mentioned aaah, um, err place (I can't think of the appropriate description)
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Building a Map, should only take 5 minutes!!!!!!
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