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Swap/Exchange or Sell Factory Spoke Wheels

Published the Wed Oct 06, 2021 2:54 pm
  • icon Price Price : 300 $

Description :

Spoke wheels, you either Love them or don't. Am the latter, too much upkeep.
That said these keep air, 42 rear, 36 front, no loss over 2 weeks, bumped up the odd curb and ridden the bike hard.
The Rims are excellent the spokes have some rust, about 5 rears and 12 fronts could do with replacing as well grotty.
Thats only if your conscious of such details, the rest have spots of rust.
Some light alloy oxidation of rear hub internal where wheel mounts, pictured.
Will probably remove and repaint.
Disgusted with previous keeper basic winter maintenance, wet metal rots.

Wheels look great at a distance if thats your thing, even up close as long as not investigating.

Am not after some battered or warped wheels, tidy with the odd scuffs and or chips/marks are fine.
Brembo or Marchensi or whatever they are called.

I checked with a well known UK Vendor and my wheels are worth £300 plus shipping the pair easy.
If your buying pass me a deposit £50, I'll buy some used 3 spoke wheels, swap out the tires, then pay me the rest and will package the rims safely and post.
Priced in dollars but the same in Sterling.

UK Only

Vendor details