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 Covec / Motorbike Jeans

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PostSubject: Covec / Motorbike Jeans   Mon Mar 16, 2015 3:10 am

Went out for a blat on Saturday over to Onyerbike near Aylesbury.

Was looking for some Kevlar style jeans. We both bought a pair of Bull-it jeans in the end as they supposedly offer more protection than Kevlar, but were also the most comfortable.

Ultimately - this is not leather or textile - but if you want to go down this route then these seem like an option.  

These jeans have a material called Covec
Some Blurb here:

Bull-IT Laser 4 Jeans
■ £130 [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
BuLL-It are a British company
specialising in riding jeans. they don’t use
kevlar, preferring to provide a high degree
of abrasion resistance through the use of a
material called covec.
featuring denim on the outside, mesh
next to the skin and covec sandwiched in
the middle with a laminate on either side,
the construction is designed to keep you
cooler on hot days and warmer on cold
days. and it works. they’re comfortable,
with a reassuring thickness. on the bike,
they’re a good compromise: thin enough to
give lots of feedback from the bike, but not
so thin that you feel inadequately dressed.
off the bike they’re comfortable, easy to
walk in, and only start to get too warm after several hours.

Linky here to random website:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

plus more detail.
Covec Laser4 is a liner inside Bull-it jeans, Laser4 is also the name of the range. The Laser4 is a laminated unique construction offering superior strength to similar weight aramids. Covec material has zero moisture retention and does not absorb moisture, as such does not degrade like high performance Aramids of a similar construction and weight. The Laser4 is tested 2 to 3 times greater for abrasion resistance using EN 13595-1 than other Aramids of a similar weight and construction. The Covec Laser4 jeans have a low thermal conductivity which prevents heat transfer, yarns such as Dyneema have high strength but the high thermal conductivity is likely to encourage skin burns from road friction, as is the case with Polyester and Nylon based materials. In comparison to many materials used in motorcycle jeans, Covec Laser4 has all the attributes required including high cut strength exceeding EN 13595 testing during development. Other materials that class themselves as high-abrasion resistant have limited other qualities and would by comparison have considerably lower cut resistance.
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Covec / Motorbike Jeans
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