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 Universal joint.

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Charlie J

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PostSubject: Universal joint.   Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:36 pm

Just what the world needs......however I digress. Ive noticed a bit of a tingle through the pegs lately and wanted to check the uni and splines. I have used Fuchs lithium moly complex grease on this bike from new and all my previous Guzzis. There are no shiny bits or signs of wear on either spline on the shaft. The gearbox and Carc shaft also show no signs of wear. I used a magnifying glass.
The uni joints have no noticeable play. However the there is a very slight tightness at either end of rotation in the bearings at the input end of the shaft, the yoke feels fine. Would this cause the vibration? Are the bearings available as spate items ?
Considering the Ks on my bike I was pretty impressed with the condition of the shaft. Cheers
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Universal joint.
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