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 Just do it !!!

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PostSubject: Just do it !!!   Fri Sep 18, 2015 1:09 pm

G'day all
Yesterday I posted that I finally got round to pulling my swingarm off to check the bearings and drive.
Well I took it out today for a run, boy, it's a new bike, feels smoother, quieter, no more rattles, appears not to wobble about and I feel a lot better now knowing that all is well.
I bought this bike around 4 months ago, 07, 1100, 57,000 on the clock.
This site hilited the lack of grease in the swing arm bearings and drive splines.
The PO gave me with the bike all the service records, it has been meticulously maintained since new but these records say nothing about this job.
Anyway pulled it apart and yes, minimum grease, just a brown smear, no real grease.
Cleaned them, no visible damage, regreased with copious clean new stuff, and put it back together.
One thing of note was the looseness of the main shaft, once I undid the clamp bolts the main nut and shaft was finger loose.
I also drilled a hole in the wheel bolts as well and wired them up, this wheel will not now come off or loosten.
I procrastinated about this job but there was no need to, easy peesy.
Anyway, my message is, if your bike has a few miles on board get onto this job sooner rather than later.
Good peace of mind for me now its done.
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Guzzi Cat

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PostSubject: Re: Just do it !!!   Fri Sep 18, 2015 9:15 pm

Good job Wardentm Thumbs Up

Pre-load on the bearings being so slack and if it makes such a difference now (no rattles or wobble)after being greased and torqued I'm surprised that the bearings aren't toast!!

Not bad for 57K
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PostSubject: Re: Just do it !!!   Mon Jan 11, 2016 6:04 pm

Sadly I also assumed it had been done , and I put off doing mine...

Luckily theres plenty of advice and how to's on here for free loading lurkers like me....... and every bearing was either dry and fecked, or dry, rusty and fecked.... I consoled myself by deciding they were probably already fucked when i bought it (hmmmm)......  As others have said, its all quite easy, except getting the swingarm bearing races out was a twat of a job...

Side point,  I ended up getting a bargain priced new linkage shipped from Oz... and the package was marked as a 2013 recall...  

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Just do it !!!
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