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 Back to the GRiSO, part III

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PostSubject: Back to the GRiSO, part III   Back to the GRiSO, part III Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 31, 2015 12:20 pm

I started with a 2007 1100, then moved to a 2009 1200 - loved them both. Moved from East Coast to Midwest and figured I'd be more into cruisers so I got one.

First I bought a Valkyrie - terrific bike I must say. Great power, good handling, stable and smooth. I liked it so much I got rid of it... Yep - dumbass.

I replaced it with an HD Road King Classic. Turned out it was a great bike too, but for 4x the price of the Valkyrie it bothered me that it did absolutely nothing better.
Had an offer for more than I paid for it and I sold it right quick. Started looking for another Valkyrie and then came across a beautiful 2013 GRiSO with less than 2,000 miles from a terrific guy back East.

It should arrive in the next week or two (this time of year work won't afford me the luxury of a fly n ride. Or more like Amtrak n ride).

I'm eager to get a new pipe and download one of the maps I've been reading so much about - both the last two times I went the Guzzitech way. I had good results but they were very costly. And frankly I did not keep them for long after the modifications so how knows...

Anyway I'm now in northern Indiana and would love to meet someone who knows their way around the GRiSO to maybe give me a few pointers - this time I really want to wrench the thing myself.

Thanks and good luck to you all.
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PostSubject: Re: Back to the GRiSO, part III   Back to the GRiSO, part III Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 31, 2015 1:00 pm

Welcome, Even
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Back to the GRiSO, part III
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