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 Pork Blitz

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Fra Cristoforo
Fra Cristoforo

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PostSubject: Pork Blitz   Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:56 pm

As there are 14 members here located around Brisbane I thought I'd post a warning.

Constable Wilkie of Ferny grove police station has been on a mission for some time to kick ass with any motorcyclist riding the Mt Nebo/Mt Glorious terrain.
He rides a bike himself, was a member of another closed motorcycle forum (booted out now) but let slip Qld Police had borrowed some ADR test truck from the Federal Govt.
The main aim was to target one individual, a barrister with a loud V4 Tuono and bust his ass. Said barrister had set the cat among the pigeons regarding noise laws.

Until the end of March, ADR mobile test lab will be stationed at Ferny grove and they will be targeting bikes.

You have been warned!

Now Bella is loud as truck, I should go and tease them. The laws they are enforcing were enacted March 2008, my bikes build date is Dec 2007. geek
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Don Abbondio
Don Abbondio

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PostSubject: Re: Pork Blitz   Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:59 pm

no shit stirring Wayne...
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PostSubject: Re: Pork Blitz   Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:42 pm

Wayne, you are very brave.  Surprised
I don't have the time ( or cash ) to play with the Po po's
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Pork Blitz
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