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 Veypor VR3

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PostSubject: Veypor VR3   Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:34 pm

I gots me a veypor VR3 for enhanced seat-of-pants map tweaking runs. This cool little gizmo can do run timing like 1/4 mile runs, lap timing, "dyno" runs, data logging, 0-60, reaction timing etc.
It shows RPM, speed, current gear, and can log HP, torque, max speed etc. All the data can be displayed graphically.

The 'dyno' is basically a couple of accelerometers that can be used to graph HP vs Torque or speed or time. Of course, it is not worth a pinch of shit when compared to real dyno, but relative changes can be logged and compared. This will be useful (I hope) when tweaking maps, because seat-of-pants can be compared to the relative changes logged by the VR3.

Here's a 'dyno' run I did today. The max torque and HP are nowhere near what the dyno logged, with a 25% difference. HP is the dotted line. Both HP & Torque were down by the same 25%, so as I previously mentioned, I expect to be able to log relative changes. You can compare to the real dyno run below.

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Veypor VR3
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