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 Fork 'O' Ring dimensions sought.

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PostSubject: Fork 'O' Ring dimensions sought.   Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:45 pm

So after consuming all the information on the Matris cartridge upgrade, I'm joining in on the fun, and my 2010 Tenni will go in for 'day surgery' very shortly.
However I've noticed some rust pitting in the chrome on both the LHS and RHS stanchions, just above where they are connected to the lower fork castings that mount the calipers/axle.

So I've decided to replace both the chrome stanchions as part of the day surgery.

Whilst these chrome stanchions are not listed in the Parts Manual as a separate item, I've obtained a pair from Thunderbikes. (The ever helpful Mario)

There is an O Ring between the chrome stanchion and the lower fork casting.
Its size is the only piece of the jigsaw that I cant locate....and its not listed in the Parts Manual.

Can anyone assist with the size of this little fella?? (before the whole lot comes apart, and we find out its a weird size)


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Fork 'O' Ring dimensions sought.
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