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 Crush washer spec, where do I find?

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PostSubject: Crush washer spec, where do I find?   Fri May 19, 2017 2:02 pm

Ah yes, the ol' inboard cylinder head oil supply line banjo, she's a-weepin like she lost all her money to a televangelist.


I'm not tightening that sucker any more, I'll strip it.

So let's try replacing the crush washer instead.

Can anyone direct me to where I might discover the exact specs on that particular washer?

Copper or Alum?

Goose on.
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Pete Roper

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PostSubject: Re: Crush washer spec, where do I find?   Fri May 19, 2017 2:24 pm

Any hose place or even 'Wattalottacrap Auto' type place will have something suitable. The factory uses Dowty washers but I always just replace them with plain aluminium or copper, (Whichever comes to hand.).

From memory they are a 14mm ID.

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Crush washer spec, where do I find?
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