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 Valve cover question

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PostSubject: Re: Valve cover question   Mon Sep 04, 2017 1:25 am

davem wrote:
I've been looking at the Hepco and Becker crash bars  on my 1100 GRiSO which were on the bike when I bought it.
The top mount which is held on by the M5 top panel screw would surely shear bending the crash bar inwards doing damage at  least to the top panel or rotating backwards into the tappet cover.
The bottom of the crash bar is bolted to the upper frame/engine mount and if I try to tighten the bolt too much (nowhere near the 80nm recommended) I can feel excess vibration for some reason.

I am considering removing the crash bars from the bike because I really don't have much faith in them.
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The crash bars are off. I just can's see how a 5mm fairing screw could retain them in all but a gentle fall off with the bike stationary. Let's face if you come off above walking pace there is going to be expensive damage, that's why we have insurance.

I dropped my old  Triumph Tiger Sport on the drive and it developed a intermittent starting issue which Triumph said needed a £400 lock set to sort it out and the the very minor damage cost me £100.
No doubt a set of crash bars located to strong fixing points on the bike will help but the Hepco and Becker I have won't.
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PostSubject: Re: Valve cover question   Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:34 pm

I have a right 'Old' valve cover. Willing to sell for a decent price, or trade for a tailight assembly as for some reason mine keeps cutting out....
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Valve cover question
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