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 GRiSO Worship

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PostSubject: GRiSO Worship   GRiSO Worship Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:44 pm

After ten years and about 75,000 miles, I discovered the real essence of motorcycling when I bought my 2007 GRiSO.  The story has been posted all over the other Guzzi forums, so I won't recite it here.  There is something special about this bike.  In fact, I wanted to know who actually designed the bike, but had trouble locating that information until Guzzitech posted this page: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] Turns out Rodolfo Frascoli was in charge of the project.  Still don't know if it was actually him that came up with the design.  But it is both function and form to the highest levels; no sacrifice for either.  Every other bike the firm designed seems to blend in with all others.  The GRiSO just sticks out as different in many ways.

My opinion on the GRiSO is unique in the fact that I sort of frown upon any "farkling" of this motorcycle.  I bought the bike with a flyscreen, I tossed it because the wind noise was too loud.  People like to "eliminate" the fender like this bike is a Ninja or Gixxer.  I've already had my GRiSO down many dirt roads and wet surfaces that I like it's function, and I think it balances out the look.  I do find the reflector hanging off it ugly, mine was removed by the previous owner thankfully.  I'm also not a fan of windscreens and luggage bracketry on the GRiSO.  I think it disrupts the design. 

Understand that I have a vstrom for the ugly riding, such as commuting in rain and cold weather.  That's my pack mule.  I do know that some people use the GRiSO as their main ride rain or shine, so my opinion doesn't hold up for that sort of thing.

I did get Knight Design 1" lowering pegs and 1/4" spacers to raise the bars some.  Really that's all I've done to the bike. 

Not sure how much time I can devote to one more forum, but I figure if this one is for Grisos I have to join it!

Jon D. (jdelv) (Del)
Rochester, NY


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PostSubject: Re: GRiSO Worship   GRiSO Worship Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:38 pm

Welcome Jon!

This forum shouldn't take too much time.  It's not meant to be a primarily "social" forum, but rather a place to focus on all things GRiSO.  Talk about a great ride taken, some photos of interesting places visited on the GRiSO, tuning tips and tricks etc.

Ours is a special bike, and as such needs a place all of it's own.  So we come to the GRiSO ghetto...  If you've got something GRiSO related that you want to share, just find the right spot and pipe up.

Thanks for joining in!

- Steve

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GRiSO Worship
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