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 CARC Question

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Don Abbondio
Don Abbondio

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PostSubject: CARC Question   CARC Question Icon_minitime1Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:29 pm

As mentioned in another post, my CARC has a slight oil weep in the top rear portion of the split in the case, just behind the rubber boot, not bad, just a weep. So today, a friend of mine who owns a bike repair shop next door to my shop, let me use one of his lifts. My plan was to split the case, reseal it and that would be that. But, when I removed the rear wheel, there was some very small shavings around the lip of the hub (photo attached) where the wheel mates up. Lug nuts were tight, so it wasn't from that. Inspected the inner rim where it mates up and didn't see any scoring. I thought the black spacer might have rubbed against the hub, but didn't see any signs of that happening either. Has anyone ever seen this before?

Anyway, once I removed the wheel, I was checking the carc bolts and two of them were loose. I'm thinking this is most likely the reason for the CARC leak. So instead of proceeding with the removal of the CARC, I snugged those two loose bolts back up and rechecked the others in a cross pattern. I'm hoping this will stop this slow weep in the split in the case. If not, then I'll move on with the original plan.
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CARC Question
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