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 Check your coil screws!

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Check your coil screws! Empty
PostSubject: Check your coil screws!   Check your coil screws! Icon_minitime1Wed Jun 05, 2019 7:13 pm

I removed the right side fairing to inspect my coil wires and I removed the two screws that hold the coil to the frame to look at the back side.
Much to my surprise I saw the aft screw had been pressing into the huge wire bundle that runs along the right side below the frame tube.
Talk about dodging a bullet. Fortunately the wires showed no internal damage yet but it was inevitable I think. I wrapped some chafe gear around the bundle and reinstalled the coil. I plan to install a shorter screw as soon as possible as well.
It would behoove everyone to check that out. It's easy to do and could prevent a lousy electrical problem.
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Check your coil screws!
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