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 How to remove front wheel on a 1000

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How to remove front wheel on a 1000 Empty
PostSubject: How to remove front wheel on a 1000   How to remove front wheel on a 1000 Icon_minitime1Sun Jul 07, 2019 9:57 am

Hi Folks,

Here's how I took my wheel off (I need to replace the bearings!).
It was actually really easy so to anyone who, like me, gets a bit edgy when journeying into the mechanical unknown, "Fear not- it's do-able!".

I labelled my wheel sides left & right so when it goes back on it goes the right way!
When I refer to left & right it's as I am sitting on the bike.
Assuming that my wheel is as it left the factory you will need the following.

10mm socket/ spanner
13mm socket / spanner
30mm socket/ spanner
Rubber mallet (ideally!)
Small screwdriver or thick wire (to pull the axel out)
Some tape (to stick on the wheel rim so you don't scratch paint when removing the brake calipers)
Cable ties/ string (to tie the calipers out of the way)

Warning: You'l need to support the bike.
I've got the GRiSO paddock stand (the black one with the red wheels) & an Oxford front wheel paddock stand... without these I would have really struggled/ found it impossible!

The Process:
1. Put tape on the left & right side of the wheel rim & the face of the rim to protect the paintwork.

2. Remove a brake caliper- 2 x 13mm bolts attach it to the fork. You might have to wriggle it a bit. Even though it looks like the wheel should come off first, leave the wheel alone- there's enough room to free the calipers.

3. Tie the loose caliper out the way - I wrapped a bit of newspaper on my exhausts & then cable-tied the body of the caliper to that so I didn't put any stress on the brake line.

4. Remove the other brake caliper & tie it to the bike as per.

5. Undo & remove the axle nut which is on the right side of the axle - 1 x 30mm nut. There should be a washer/shim type thing under the nut so remove that as well.

6. Undo & remove the 2 x 10mm bolts at the bottom of each fork.

7. The axle withdraws from the left side. With rubber mallet gently tap (doesn't take much force at all!) the right side of the axle & it'll start to come out.

8. On the left side you'll see there's a hole drilled through the axle. Put a small screwdriver or wire through the hole & you can then pull the axle out without much effort.

9. The wheel will now be free & off the bike.

10. On the right side of the wheel there is a bush/spacer which is best removed otherwise it will just fall out... don't forget it when you put the wheel back.

That's it!!!

Hope that helps you!
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How to remove front wheel on a 1000
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