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 Clutch Rattle / Idle Balance GRiSO 1100

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Pete Roper
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GRiSO Capo
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Clutch Rattle / Idle Balance GRiSO 1100 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clutch Rattle / Idle Balance GRiSO 1100   Clutch Rattle / Idle Balance GRiSO 1100 - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:46 pm

Absolutely any set of TB's off any of the 2V CARC models apart from the Bellagio which never went to North America AFAIK? So Breva 850/1100/1200, Sport 1200, Norge 1200, GRiSO 850/1100. If buying off the web try and get a good look at the throttle stop screw and linkage ball joints to try and ensure that they haven't been fiddled with and are still paint sealed. Also be sure the stepper is included. Sometimes they aren't but it doesn't seem to affect the price much so, since the stepper is one of the bits you really want try and get a set with one attached. If possible try for a set with the later, black, plastic stepper as these are less failure prone than the early aluminium bodied ones.
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Clutch Rattle / Idle Balance GRiSO 1100
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