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 A very good day

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A very good day Empty
PostSubject: A very good day   A very good day Icon_minitime1Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:08 pm

Over the last couple of weeks i have, at last, put some time into the suspension set up. Up till now i have run with the stock settings with slight tweeking.
I have read a lot of posts, done the searches and looked across the internet. I have tried a few settings that look close to my weight, some 200ibs, and riding style, an allround sportyish mode. The roads in our area range from some smooth to frankly rough as a badgers arse and a lot in the middle so i do need a balanced set up.
I have finished with the front forks up though the top clamp by 6 rings, preload at 5 rings, sag 32mm, compression at 2 turns out, rebound at 1.5 turns out
rear sag at 34mm, compression at 3 turns out and preload at 17 clicks out.
Tyres front 33 psi rear36 psi.
With this i can ride with complete confidence using counter steering, which i prefer to turn the bike with ease. The bike now feels like its floating on the suspension with symmetry between front and back and feels like it has lost weight it turns so well. Today i had the best ride so far in ownership, with a 64 year old grinning like a cat, truly wonderful.
I do say be very careful with your tyre pressures and gauges. Mine were set with a pencil type gauge but i had doubts so used my sons digital cycle/pump with he uses to set his off road cycle suspension. His read between 3 and 4 pounds lower to my gauge so i reset the pressures to his gauge and this helped the feel greatly.
A long post, but today the bike felt what i always thought it could and thanks to the forum for all the advice. It can take a time to work through your individual set up but boy is it worth it. cheers

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A very good day
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