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 Preventative maintenance?

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Pete Roper
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Preventative maintenance? Empty
PostSubject: Preventative maintenance?   Preventative maintenance? Icon_minitime1Mon Apr 12, 2021 10:57 pm

Customer arrives today on a Stelvio. It's a 2010 and apart from him having had a fiddle with the throttlebodies the drain hoses off the airbox are both missing and it's been sucking dust for god knows how long. It idles at 3K, partly because of his fiddling and partly because I reckon his stepper motor is full of mud.

That is nothing though compared to the rear suspension! This thing hast been touched since it rolled off the production line in Mandello in 2010. Every bearing in the rear end is fucked. We haven't yet been able to get one of the linkage bolts out of the swingarm! It's that fucked!

It's going to cost him in excess of $2K to fix, and that's before we start to try to un-fuck his throttle bodies!

Nobody wants to pull the arse end out of their bike, especially if it's reasonably new, but please, please, please! Do the preventative stuff I suggest. It will save you a large amount of wonga down the track.

And if you don't know how your throttlebodies and ECU work? For the love of all that's holy just LEAVE THEM ALONE!

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Preventative maintenance?
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