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 Mild Clutch Relief

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PostSubject: Mild Clutch Relief   Mild Clutch Relief Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 02, 2021 9:50 am

I didnt know there was an adjustable pin that activates the master cylinder.
If your having difficulty moving your adjustable lever back far enough (closer to the bar) because the engagment is insufficient.
Adjust the pin out a thread or two.
Ensure your clutch lever is still disengaging though.

On a side note Pazzo style levers are made of alloy and the mount hole wears over time.
Eventually and it doesnt take long that hole will become concave.
This will severely limit the pull.
Bit tight when you consider a set of original style, £20 a set for the GRiSO levers, have a bronze bush in there and almost never wear out.
On my set the the side stand switch was not being depressed sufficiently so had add some silicon (all I had to hand) to reduce the distance.
On the cheap after market lever it activated the side stand switch with ease.

Adjustable Pin
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Genuine Pazzo Clutch Lever Showing Very Early Signs of Wear
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Cheap Bushed Original (Pattern) Style lever
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Mild Clutch Relief
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