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 Front Wheel Removal

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Front Wheel Removal Empty
PostSubject: Front Wheel Removal   Front Wheel Removal Icon_minitime1Sat Nov 20, 2021 9:22 am

Manual says knock axle thru with soft faced mallet then insert screwdriver in holes bom
Its a f*cking slot! Ok so its only a slot if you have the spoked wheels, if you have regular cast wheels the hole is present.
Nut felt tighter than the 58ftIbs it's supposed to be.

Head race action is smooth as butter am not re greasing what aint f*cked.

Though that said the rear shock linkage can seem smooth, yet upon dissassembly you find the grease is on its last legs.
If it's a servicable item and you have no proof it's been serviced either service it or pay some f*cker to do it for you.
Better to be safe than sorry  Smile

Rotated right fork leg to hide cosmetic scratch.

Regreased axle as needed a bit.
Forgot me torque settings, guessed pinch bolts at 18 top lower 22, was 13 and 16ftIbs the 18 and 22 was NM's.
Bottom axle pinch bolts are 10NM, no wonder they was green thread locked like they was going out of fashion, stop them falling out.
Wanged them up by hand. used a littlle thread lock too.
Had to guess what went where, two different lengths plus long shoulders and short shoulders for the same application.
All four holes are identical depth am like wtf.

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Axle was fun hold left side with screwdriver and tighten nut to about 45 -50ftIbs, tighten left side pinch bolts and torque axle using both hands to 58/59ftIbs.
Would have been easier with a deeper nut and actual holes in axle.

Caliper bolts are 36ftIbs seems a tad extreme compared to the weedy settings of the fork clamps and pinch bolts.
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Front Wheel Removal
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