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 Head Race Bearings

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PostSubject: Head Race Bearings   Head Race Bearings Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 01, 2022 3:56 pm

Upon re- assembling the GRiSO front end (yokes only) and setting the play.
Found could not seem to do upper crown locknut up unless set play perfect.
If over tight by a tad top crown nut would rotate bottom crown nut whilst trying to align tabs on lockwasher and tighten the settings.
Torque is only 40ftIbs on top crown nut, like I would know as used a screwdriver like the old days  Laughing
Eventually got it just so and could bend tabs back up.
Lockwasher if was first time undone can be re- used is no apparent weakness.
Smooth as a babies bum, one finger light push each way and no play.
Used my un-filled with oil but assembled right fork leg to align top yoke (top plate fixing cover, manual) and re- torque to 70ftIbs.
Used Copa slip where appropriate so be no trouble removing decorative washer headed nut, not like there was anyway.

Thought was useful info for anyone considering the job, bike forces you to make the steering perfect Cool
Maybe they all did that f*ck knows been so long since I done one, certainly over ten years.
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Head Race Bearings
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