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 Lucky Escape..

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PostSubject: Lucky Escape..   Lucky Escape.. Icon_minitime1Fri Jul 08, 2022 10:19 am

So a couple of weeks ago I was heading to Plymouth to catch the ferry to Spain with my two amigos when my beloved GRiSO died on me at around 70mph just 40 odd miles from home.
Pulled over, pressed go button, would fire on left cylinder only with white smoke pouring from exhaust. Engaged panic mode and did what I could on the roadside with no joy. Called breakdown and was carted away.
Got home thoroughly pissed off and spent the day in the pub drowning my sorrows at losing my holiday and faith in my formerly trusty steed, I could hardly walk home..

After a couple of days recovering I decided to take a look, fuel filter is the solid metal one and hoses looked brand new with no visible splits- so far so good.
Swapped injectors and coils, still no go on right cylinder. Pulled valve cover and turned engine over, oh no, piston moving but camshaft wasn't.

Pulled the breather plate off and the sprocket pin was literally hanging out at an angle through the flinger plate! I wish I'd taken a photo.
Panic mode again, what damage has been caused? I removed the bolt and the threads were almost stripped, I rollerised this myself over 10,000 miles ago so either I over torqued it or stupidly lined the flinger hole with the pin but I refuse to believe that..

After finding a similar bolt, (the originals are hard to find strangely) I re-timed it and torqued at 30nm with plenty of blue and the pin covered, did a few revolutions to make triple sure all was correct.Valve clearances were good so that gave me hope.
Fitted new plugs and pressed go with a grimace.
She fired right up! All that tension and sick feeling I had for the last week started draining away.
I chucked a bottle of seafoam in a full tank and went for a tentative ride to clear everything out staying local and lowish rpm just in case, all good.
Did a warm compression test today and it read about 150 psi on both cylinders, maybe a bit more on the "bad" cylinder, though I think the guage isn't accurate the readings are similar between cylinders which is good?
Re-balanced the tb's and I'm now getting about 50mpg uk compared to my previous 45 odd which is nice as the fuel prices are fooking ridiculous now.
I'll be checking that bolt now and again for a while until my paranoia fades, and I even gave her a wash and polish today - even though she cost me a £500 ferry ticket.
As an aside one of my other amigos broke down in Lourdes, the "bean can" on his beemer disintegrated forcing him to fly home leaving the bike there, he's taking it well though, better than most would.
Btw, after about 200 miles both plugs still look brand new, no soot, no tanning nothing. Never had that before, is it the magic of seafoam I wonder.

Thank you grisoghetto and especially Mr. Roper for showing us how to do stuff and Beetle for your great maps.
Bye for now👍

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Lucky Escape..
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