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 Locked timing Chain tensioner?

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PostSubject: Locked timing Chain tensioner?   Mon May 11, 2015 12:33 pm

Hi girls,

need some input from the techies. What happend? Yesterday i stuffed battery in and pushed the trigger for the first run after wintersleep - started immediately, brave one. Short track (2 km) around the block with low revs- OK. This morning short ride on the highway, warming up the shit with care. After somewhat 10 Km off the highway at next red lights suddenly a loud ticking coming from right head at idle! First thought: fu**, there is the shitty cam/flat tappets thingy! Drove the bike 5 Km to the destination. Interestingly the noise appeared only between idling and 2-3000 revs, above it went away. I didn't tried more than 3-4000 revs due to fear of greater disaster.
Let the bike cool down a little bit and came back after 3/4 hour and was thinking: if the bike won't start and/or runs like shit then the cams went tits. But it started immediately and idles perfect but with this heavy noise! OK, went home with slow motion and 1 Km further the ticking disappeared suddenly (!) and the bike behaved as normal as it can be…
Any ideas? Is it possible that the timing chain tensioner has had a hickup? And if so what to do?

Thanks for input,


Hard specs: Tenni 2011, 20.000 Km
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Locked timing Chain tensioner?
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