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 Non GRiSO GeeGaws

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PostSubject: Re: Non GRiSO GeeGaws   Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:05 pm

Your going to fall over the front of that thing ghezzi Shocked
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PostSubject: Re: Non GRiSO GeeGaws   Fri Jul 15, 2016 3:55 pm

ghezzi wrote:
Yep, -49mm according to 'puta.
Arse up 60mm
Head down 31.5mm

Fuque me drunque! You'll be able to lick the tarmac in front of the bike without lifting yer arse off the seat!

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Fra Cristoforo
Fra Cristoforo

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PostSubject: Re: Non GRiSO GeeGaws   Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:02 pm

Bella Geegaws so far ............... is this a race to the bottom? Doesn't include all the bits modified more than once before being discarded to the scrap/spares box.
And I won't count hand grips, they are a consumable like tyres and brake pads.

1. BST carbon fibre wheels.
2. Splined hubs fitted to rear wheel. PMM (Peter Musters Machining).
3. Splined axle and disc carrier fitted to crown wheel, PMM.
4. Ti axle nut off 748.
5. Lightened rear disc. PMM.
6. Alloy front wheel spacers. PMM.
7. BrakeTech Axis Iron discs.
8. 998R Axial 4 spot/4 pad calipers.
9. Hel braided brake lines.
10. Multistrada triple clamps.
11. New stem for triple clamps. PMM.
12. Showa 43mm upside down forks.
13. Custom front alloy mudguard.
14. Lighter touring type handle bars.
15. Bar end weights.
16. Mirrors & brembo clamps.
17. LED Indicators. Oxford Nano.
18. Radial Brembo M/C. R1
19. ASV lever.
20. Speaker LED headlight.
21. V7 Cafe chromed tank. Niccom modified to fit.
22. Customized stock seat - clubman style. Ergo seats.
23. Lithium battery.
24. Custom battery tray - tool box removed.
25. Custom alloy brackets for both M/C reservoirs.
26. All excess mounting hardware removed/rear pegs/side covers/frame covers etc. Makita angle grinder. Less is more!
27. PC V and tune.
28. Full custom exhaust system. Pipemaster's.
29. Modified air box.
30. V11 tappet covers.
31. Rear frame loop added.
32. XSR 900 rear guard.
33. XSR 900 rear tail/brake light.
34. Rizoma number plate light.
35. Custom brackets and mods for 32, 33 & 34
36. Drilled and lightened side stand mounting plate.
37. Matris R rear shock.
38. Shock modified for extra travel and length. Edge Competition (re valved 3 times).
39. Extended leads for outer plugs to suit V11 tappet covers.
40. K-Drive saddle bags and mounts.
41. Bagster V7 tank bra and bag.
42. Sump windage plate. Roper san.
43. Ti front disc bolts.
44. Alloy head guards.

Geegaws - more than Beetle!
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Non GRiSO GeeGaws
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