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 Screen test and bar height

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Screen test and bar height  Empty
PostSubject: Screen test and bar height    Screen test and bar height  Icon_minitime1Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:36 am


This is my first post except for introduction and I would like some opinions and tips concerning the three pictures below. Following the links on the topic wind screens in the forum, I decided to search my own archeological layers of material connected to this issue. This is not to buy excessive amounts of 100 euro screens just to remain unsatisfied in the end. First prototype - then the real thing.

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I found a screen that I picked up att swap meet some years ago, pretty well perforated from all the different applications that I've tried on various bikes. I even found something as rare, remember I live i Sweden where inches were dropped before I was born, exept for speakers and jeans, as a 1/4" threaded bar long enough for this experiment. Not to mention the not fewer than eight (!) 1/4" nuts i needed to fabricate two of the four fittings. I keep my UNC collection in an old metal coffe jar since my early teens, secretly, as most folks here wouldn't know either of them and thus would be able to identify my real (stone) age.

I've tried the screen on the road and it was aerodynamically surprisingly good att this first try. As for the esthetics I find it quite okay. Except for the excessive amount of holes, that is. First ride was to the licqour store, as this is friday afternoon. Maybe that is why I am so positive, so please help me out if I am wrong.

The questions:

- What about how it looks, campared to screens made for the GRiSO? Size, angle and shape.
- What about wind protection: Can you make anything out from the pictures compared to screens you have experience from?

Notes on bar height

I tried the washer method and was able to fill 20 mm of distance, that would equal 3/4". This is, as far as I can conclude the limit for the brake hose and possibly also the clutch. I lifted the front end on the side stand to identify the maximum stretch of the right side caliper hose and adjusted the hose upwards some 10 mm at the clamp.

Riding position significantly improved, but I need more.


Do you know of any means to extend the hose some two inches without changing it?
How high is the Mana bar? No Manas in Sweden, unfortunatly.

Take care, ride safe and often!  Gunnar

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Screen test and bar height  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Screen test and bar height    Screen test and bar height  Icon_minitime1Sat Aug 29, 2020 4:06 am

Hi Gunnar,

The screen you have installed looks like it would give you some pretty good protection, especially at highway speeds.
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Screen test and bar height
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