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 GRiSO 1100 no start

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GRiSO 1100 no start Empty
PostSubject: GRiSO 1100 no start   GRiSO 1100 no start Icon_minitime1Sat May 13, 2023 3:45 pm

Hey guys
2007 GRiSO 1100 will not start.
Fuel pump runs, all lights work, no fuses blown.

Rang out the switches...
Start switch works great... continuity when presses
Kill switch does NOT have continuity when switch is pressed or depressed.

I think that is my issue....
What say the Ghetto?

Sprayed the switch with electronic cleaner spray while cycling switch...

Solid continuity with switch depressed.
Bike starts now!

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GRiSO 1100 no start
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