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 valve adjustment -- what a difference!

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valve adjustment -- what a difference! Empty
PostSubject: valve adjustment -- what a difference!   valve adjustment -- what a difference! Icon_minitime1Thu Jan 21, 2021 7:40 am


last week I proceeded to do the valve adjustment to my GRiSO. Used the step by step on this forum -- really helpful. It was quite easy actually!

The bike has 10K miles. I found all the exhaust valve were really loose, and the intake valves, 3 out of 4 needed to be tight back to spec as well, but not as bad.

Last time the Guzzi dealer *supposedly* did them at 5K, but now I have my doubts..( same dealer that missed 1 KG of engine oil after service, which I checked after reading some horror story GRiSO without enough oil engine failure!!)

After valve back to spec engine performance has improved a lot ( already Bettle mapped with Agostini HF) ...

- No more extra pops when letting go of the throttle at high RPM
- Very noticeable better RPM pick up and overall throttle response

I was surprised how a simple valve adjustment made such a huge difference.

I have a throttle body clean up and balancing in my next to do list ( per 12K service manual)... even if now I am really quite pleased by the beast


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valve adjustment -- what a difference! Empty
PostSubject: Re: valve adjustment -- what a difference!   valve adjustment -- what a difference! Icon_minitime1Fri Jan 22, 2021 12:10 am

I had the same result when I adjusted the valves on mine.
valve clearances were way off - engine response changed completely after the adjustments
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valve adjustment -- what a difference!
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