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 A fast ride home

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A fast ride home Empty
PostSubject: A fast ride home   A fast ride home Icon_minitime1Sat Oct 30, 2021 7:13 am

I completed an ordeal day before yesterday. I had brought my Bike to MPH cycles in Houston, when I was over my head trying to figure out a problem. Wednesday I flew one way with my gear and picked up my bike, and Thursday I rode it home.

I left the Woodlands in Texas at 9:30am and made it to Laurel MS at 5:50pm, a trip of 542 miles. I stopped six times to fill up and pee. It was supposed to be warmer and I had not brought enough gear to deal with the drop in temperature at night. I only hit the trip recorder about half way through but it said I was getting an average of 42 mpg.

So eight hours and twenty minutes. I had gusty winds of up to 40 mph the entire trip. My neck is sore from constantly being whipped about by the wind in addition to the speed. I averaged 67 mph even with stops. If I figure a total of 5 min per stop, (probably more) I ran an average speed of 75 mph, no canon ball run, but damn respectable.

My thanks to the beautiful 2018 blue corvette that led me through most of east Texas and the black Porsche Panamera that opened the road through west Louisiana and east Mississippi. I was not interested in a ticket so I appreciate you guys.

My thanks to Mike at MPH cycles in Houston, with the computer remapped I have way better throttle response and a good bit more grunt.

BTW, I will admit I don't ever want to do this again. It was really not that much fun.


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A fast ride home
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