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 Neilson Fuel Line Dissconnect Set

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Neilson Fuel Line Dissconnect Set Empty
PostSubject: Neilson Fuel Line Dissconnect Set   Neilson Fuel Line Dissconnect Set Icon_minitime1Sat Aug 13, 2022 10:13 am

Like so many tried and failed to get the quick connect to release. Some have even resorted to breaking it  Shocked
Tried till my fingers were sore, tried with motorcyle gloves.
Have seen owners pics of them trying to get their hand under the tank by just lifting it enough.
Just pull it it out and lay it on the frame.
It actuall sits there quite safe even with half a tank of fuel.

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For most jobs I have needed access this worked well for me, though to remove the throttle bodies for cleaning this was not going to work.
Maybe I saw these advertised on here? maybe on another guzzi website, all the same I purchased them for significantly less than £10.
Today I was finally forced to attempt to use them, was informed the Green ones would fit.
Lo and behold they did, they allowed near instant dissasembly.
Obviously I purged the pressure first by dissconnecting the pump and starting a few times.
Very happy well done whomever first posted >these!<
Found out and their link is dead now so new one above.

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Neilson Fuel Line Dissconnect Set
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