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 Gas tank woes

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PostSubject: Gas tank woes   Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:11 pm

I fumbled with a fuel nozzle the other day, and a thimbleful of California's finest premium sloshed over the outside of my 2013 Diavolo Nero GRiSO's fuel tank.

There is some sort of external coating that overlays the silver on this tank.  I went to the window wash pot to get a moist rag to wipe it up, and in the ten seconds that took, the fuel had eaten through the external coating on the tank.

WTF.  My questions for those more knowledgeable than I.  

A.) Who puts a coating on a fuel tank that will not resist fuel, and B.) What Is To Be Done?  The finish is eaten through to bare metal in those spots; it's now blotchy, and looks like hell.

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Don Abbondio
Don Abbondio

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PostSubject: Re: Gas tank woes   Mon Aug 27, 2018 4:32 pm

Corn based Ethanol enhanced fuel, by any chance?
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PostSubject: Re: Gas tank woes   Tue Aug 28, 2018 9:36 am

The paintjob on our GRiSO's is imho pretty poor.
I'm not sure if its cheap paint or just not enough attention has been paid to apply it properly, but on my GRiSO the big GRiSO logo sticker on the tank seems to have been applied while the paint was still wet, and then they forgot to put the varnish over it. This resulted in the sticker coming loose, and after I removed it I'm left with a negative imprint on the tank where the letters of the sticker used to be. In addition bubbles have formed under the paint on the tank from fuel vapor seeping into the tank material.
Finally even looking at the paint on my GRiSO causes it to scratch: some places I can actually push in the paint with my nail as if they painted with too thick a layer that never really dried.

I imagine they were out of varnish when doing my bike, and ended up doing the entire bike with what was left in an old brush or something resulting in a clear coat of 0.1 micron thick.
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Gas tank woes
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