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 P0505 Issue [SOLVED]

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PostSubject: P0505 Issue [SOLVED]    P0505 Issue [SOLVED]  Icon_minitime1Sat Jan 18, 2020 3:36 pm

Awhile back I posted about a problem code with my GRiSO that was a pain in the arse to solve. I am very happy to say the problem has been resolved.
The oxygen sensor reading incorrectly at the PCM was my golden ticket to having Piaggio warranty my PCM. To make a long story short i produced a waveform for the o2 sensor.
then injected 5 volts into the PCM until the proper voltage was seen on Guzzi diag. Even after proving all of that, the dealer borrowed another GRiSO they could swap the ECM out of and finally, the ECM was approved!

I have very detailed information on the procedure for checking the code if anyone is interested. After assessing the H bridge out of the PCM there was a dead circuit trying to make its way to ground. Funny what a little bit of rain can do to an Italian bike.

Now after replacing my rotor under warranty they've found an issue with the hub and are having a machine shop look at it.

I could almost claim lemon law here haha

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PostSubject: Re: P0505 Issue [SOLVED]    P0505 Issue [SOLVED]  Icon_minitime1Sat Jan 18, 2020 6:42 pm

That is an odd one. Problems with ECU's are very rare. Rotten luck.
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P0505 Issue [SOLVED]
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