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 Startus interruptus fix 2

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rick pope
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PostSubject: Re: Startus interruptus fix 2   Startus interruptus fix 2 - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Tue Jun 07, 2022 1:26 am

Kiwi_Roy wrote:
You should always disconnect the ground wire on the battery before doing any work. You can touch the negative terminal to ground as many times as you like, nothing happens but touch the positive to ground and you get a shower of sparks at best.
Or a melted spanner or a F great bruise on your head where you jumped back and hit the garage wall.

Kiwi Roy is right

But - i hate manuals patronising me and  study  study  study  study
Guzzi owners need to face up to Darwin  
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Startus interruptus fix 2 - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Startus interruptus fix 2   Startus interruptus fix 2 - Page 2 Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 18, 2022 4:44 pm

Its time you guys stopped trying to ground the battery out of sight under the starter cover, that's never been a good idea, put the ground wire under a decent size bolt for a start say an 8mm holding the gearbox to the engine or perhaps split it between a couple of the 6mm bolts that fasten the gearbox cover on. File or scrape the paint off and grease it to ward off corrosion.
If any of you have a V7 you will see a large lug right at the top of the gearbox, it has a bunch of wires jammed into a single lug, it struck me that this lug could be prone to corrosion so I unwrapped it and sweated the wires into place but in hind site I would have just melted some grease or Vaseline into the wires to protect the metal.
As for Startus Interruptus fix, I think from now on I will talk all owners into adding a dedicated relay down near the starter, this entails using the original wiring to switch the new relay coil. no changes are made to the OEM wiring so its easier to explain and harder to screw up. A live feed for the relay 30 terminal can be picked up from the large live solenoid post so there are no additional wires jammed under the battery post. The live wire needs to be fused by a 20 Amp fuse, one of those ones sold with just a few inches of wire should reach.
Over on VII Lemans they seem to favour adding the new start , relay under the seat with the other 5, this makes for an elegant solution and as long as 16AWG  (1.5mm) is used you can still power it from the starter solenoid with little Voltage drop.
I have been waiting for the starter on my V7 to fail, it draws globs of current through the ignition switch, of course it may be that the conditions its kept under, never left out in the weather, I don't think it has the same wimpy wires but its essentially the same switch, just without so many contacts but it does flex back and forth with the steering.

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Startus interruptus fix 2
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